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Master of Orion - 1993

Master of Orion - 1993

A turn-based strategy game where you are a leader of a race of your choosing. There is a variety to pick from and you build planets, ships and technology. The game features race relationships, war and the winner essentially takes over the universe. Planets have a certain quality that make them attractive to own or not so much as they're not rich with resources. However, one planet appropriately named Orion has the best default resources in the game and is guarded by a powerful ship that you m...

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Originally named Halloween Harry, Alien Carnage was developed in 1993 by Interactive Binary Illusions and SubZero Software, distributed by Apogee a company known for numerous excellent DOS games. The story begins with aliens trying to take over the world by turning the human population into zombies. However, Agent Halloween Harry has a chance to save them armed with (by default) a flamethrower.

Harry must blast his way through Aliens, Gremlins, Zombies and other enemies and reach the alien ship by collecting numerous weapons such as a proton cannon, guided missiles, grenades, shields, micro nukes, and the omega bomb. You earn these weapons from money you get from killing the enemy. Weapons are dispensed from vending machines that have indicators of the weapon refill they offer.

Harry can also fly with the power of his flamethrower, this means one thing: that like the flamethrower, flying power must be bought through the appropriate flamethrower vending machines for cheap since it's your default weapon and sometimes most needed resource, especially for flying. DON'T get caught with an empty fuel tank! It could be your butt if you're trapped somewhere that requires flying out, so fill it where you can.

Halloween Harry must save all the humans to proceed and gameplay screen offers an indicator of how many are left as well as a radar. Save them all and proceed to the next level, and one step closer to spoiling the alien's plans for world domination. The game offers lots of great color, sprites and gameplay, a top notch release by Apogee and has aged incredibly well for the platformer lover in anybody. It is both challenging and fun, has a lot of twists and turns through out the level and as long as you keep steady on finding the captives you won't be too lost with help of the radar. I highly recommend this game for anyone who is a fan of zombies, aliens, platformers or a good ole fashion challenge in the DOS world with games.

This game was released as freeware and you can download it HERE on NostalgiaFreaks.Com


Stunts is a PC driving/racing game developed by Distinctive Software and was published in 1990 by Broderbund and by Mindscape in 1991 renaming it 4D Sports Driving for their 4D sports series. Stunts was later ported to other systems such as the Amiga.

You have an array of selections for cars ranging from a basic car, sports car or an indy car and you can pick either automatic or manual (stick shift) transmission as well as color. In racing mode you can challenge a CPU player and quite simply you attempt to finish the course before the CPU player without crashing. You may also race around solo challenging the clock, finishing the track without crashing. Crashing ends the game and is signified by a smashed windshield.

The game offered a great 3D perspective and gets it's "Stunts" rights by the obstacles of jumps, loops and cut and maneuver techniques a long the way. With 4 variations of the camera angle you can get a great perspective of the drive path of the car. Other unique features include playback, where you can review your last ride and perhaps see how crazy your last crash was as well as a "make-your-own" track feature for the most insane stunts.

No doubt Stunts offered an early view into the world of 3D racing and offered an array of fun by making the game dynamic in design and function setting it apart from other early racers where you basically run around on tracks only. Stunts had an "open world" in a way where your only restrictions of driving were through obstacles and the maximum limits of the world. You could experiment with interesting crashes, play them back, and design even more elaborate designs for the best stunts and crashes seen in racing games at this time.


Monster Bash an Apogee game, released in 1993 featured Johnny Dash in a more gruesome setting (although not necessarily inappropriate for younger players) than usual Apogee games. Johnny goes through his secret closet to the underworld realm of Count Chuck when his dog Tex is kidnapped. A friendly monster (under his bed) tips off Johnny to what's happening and arms him with a slingshot and endless rocks to fling. Count Chuck's plans are to turn all pets into undead creatures for his army and Johnny Dash must stop him with slingshot in hand. Featuring multi-directional shooting with various projectiles, broom flying, puzzles and graphically horror based scenarios Dash must stop Count Chuck before he turns his dog into a monster. 

This is Apogee's first heavy hitting release with graphical dedication, bosses, levels and animation. The game is true to Apogee's signature in reliability to the DOS gaming world and will offer numerous challenges that must be figured out to surpass each level. Any player warmed up to the Apogee line of games will feel comfortable controlling Johnny and navigating the levels however is really easy to pick up for a first timer. A joystick is supported also.The first of three parts is available via shareware available HERE directly from their website. The game has 10 levels in the first part and 9 in the following 2 parts giving the game an array of challenges through 28 levels. Monster Bash offers 3 difficulty levels changing the life bar meter's max hit allowance (9, 6 & 3). If you intend on beating Count Chuck you must play through all 3 episodes to carryout the final ending. 


The Slip 'n Slide was a fun yet dangerous classic summertime item to cool off. While most people could probably report that they never suffered any serious injuries from it, the idea of basically running into a slippery ground caused many serious paralyzing injuries causing a recall. The toy was introduced in 1961 by Robert Carrier and manufactuered by Wham-O. The slide was basically a plastic yellow sheet and water filled tube with perforated holes to flow a steady but slow stream of water on to the slide on the side which connected a common water hose.

Wham-O (Slip 'n Splash) and it's competitors later introduced different iterations of the idea including two tubes and a landing pool full of water.

Visit the site to see the commercial.


Not being from Australia I came across this commercial some time ago and wanted to share it with NF readers who come by the site. This has got to be one of the creepiest commercials of the 80's Nintendo gaming age, or ever. The chanting of "We are Nintendo" almost feels like an episode of "Children of Earth".


Camp Nowhere is a film starring Christopher Lloyd about a group of kids who's parents are putting them into summer camps that they'd rather not go to and hash up a scheme to have a little bit more fun over the summer. The main character "Mud" played by Johnathan Jackson and his school pals decide to use the money intended for summer camp to make their own summer camp. However, it's not simply that easy. They blackmail eccentric former drama teacher Dennis Van Welker (Lloyd) to take part in the needed adult role of convincing parents about each summer camp the parents wanted to send their kids to. He uses his drama skills to dress up and adapt the role of all the needed summer camp organizers to get the money (in cash seemingly) from the parents and rent a lakeside campground to have their counselor free, adult free camp while he relaxes and let's the kids run amok. When the parents want to visit for parents day silliness ensues and they must run the scam of the summer to keep their story convincing. In the lesser entertaining subplot, Dennis is trying to avert collector T.R. Polk which eventually solves itself with the help of "Mud". Also Dennis finds a romantic interest in the local nurse after "Mud" burns himself after a misuse of fireworks.


MINERVGA developed for DOS (not sure if other platforms had it) in 1989 by Harrell W. Stiles. A simple game which aims to get the girl, strangely enough by mining metals like gold, silver, platinum. You start off by stocking up on some basic materials to effectively mine as well as a charge for more depth down the mine shaft. After you head down the mine you will need to have certain tools to get through certain metals like granite (TNT), a bucket to avoid flooding (YOU WILL GET FLOODED), and enough health to survive the mine caving in on you. The game is super fun despite the mediocre goal of the game which is to acquire $20,000 and a diamond ring your character's romantic interest. Offers plenty of challenge and no doubt you'll have hours of fun mining away down the mine shaft. However, as a beginners tip, do make sure you have a bucket to avoid flooding, because if you get flooded at the elevator entrance without them the game is over because you are trapped. :)



A cult classic movie featuring Taimak playing the role of Leroy Green (aka Bruce Leroy) on an adventure to seek out "The Master" so he can reach the final level of his training know as "the glow". The movie contains romance, bad guys and humor. The romantic interest and Music Video Jockey and singer is played by 80's musician Vanity (also known as Laura Charles). Christopher Murney plays Eddie Arkadian as the scummy promoter of what would be perceived as poor entertainment acts with a Cyndi Lauper wannabe being pushed by Eddie using criminal tactics to get Vanity to play her video on her show. Probably the most memorable role in the movie Sho'nuff, the Shogun of Harlem played by Julius Carry who is a bully with a martial arts background and the attitude to back it up. The movie is very entertaining, silly at times and funny all in one. If you like so bad it's good kinda movies, this is for you if you haven't seen it yet. If you have, revisit it, it's still great and worth the watch. 


Day of the Tentacle was the sequel release of Maniac Mansion by LucusArts. The game featured previous characters from the original computer or NES version game such as Bernard, Dr. Fred Edison and son Ed and of course the Tentacles. The game featured brilliant cartoony graphics and a voice engine. This was the first time LucusArts featured this in a game and it worked out rather well and was only available on the CD based medium of the game. With Bernard's new team members Hoagie and Laverne they travel through time using what is basically a portable toilet called a "Chron-o-John". They meet historical figures from the Edison family's past including Thomas Edison. An interesting easter egg, if you could call it that is the entire full version of the original Maniac Mansion is found IN the game. Now, while you could search for it to play it, the full game is actually loadable directly on the game medium itself. Another gem of a game that could be revisited any year it still proves Maniac Mansion's solid game play in the point-and-click adventure game genre cementing itself as a strong title to fans of adventure games to this day.


A turn-based strategy game where you are a leader of a race of your choosing. There is a variety to pick from and you build planets, ships and technology. The game features race relationships, war and the winner essentially takes over the universe. Planets have a certain quality that make them attractive to own or not so much as they're not rich with resources. However, one planet appropriately named Orion has the best default resources in the game and is guarded by a powerful ship that you must earn your way to beat or he'll instantly kill your fleet.

Races have attributes that allow for certain resource based proportions or disproportions such as fast food production, fast technology, etc while they will also counter with poor food production or slow science productivity. A lot of these problems can be some what remedied by building certain things that will allow automatic production and enhancements to how your planets produce things. However, a lot of these benefits come later in the game and can take some time to obtain.

Race relationships are important, as you'll almost always be up against a combat hungry race and you'll want to play friendly with them until you have what you need built up. In the end all relationships are off and you take over the universe or die. The one to destroy the other races wins. There are many variables of winning or losing and as you go you'll uncover obstacles and events that may favor or hinder your worlds.


Talkboy released by the popular at the time Tiger Electronics company well known for their handheld LCD games. The product originally debuted as a non-working prop after Macaulay Culkin featured it in the 1992 movie Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. Later after the toy was released to the market in 1993 had a variable speed playback and could record audio through it's extendable microphone, as seen in the movie. Popular with kids who liked to play with their voice, prank or pretend spy it is typically an item anyone will remember. Numerous models have been released since it's debut such as Talkgirl, Talkboy Deluxe, Talkboy Jr which was smaller. Talkboy FX was another product that was merely a pen that could record and had 6 sound effects. Visit the site to see a commercial featuring the product.


In the summer of 1990 New Kids on the Block released album "Step By Step". The kids were one of the biggest pop acts on the scene with girls and boys alike wanting them, or wanting to be them. The single released by the same name as the album title was a huge hit. You'd see the merchandise everywhere, bed sheets, posters, clothing similarities, haircuts and people singing it in school. The group had popularity prior with albums like "Hangin' Tough" at the end of 1989 reaching #1 in USA on the carts. However they gained worldwide fame after this album and if it's nostalgia or not, you'll never forget some of The New Kids on the Block singles, even if you don't want to admit it. They enjoyed multiple platinum albums and have been touring lately under their revamped name NKOTB proving they were not just a fad that would fade away.To check out the old music video from their single "Step By Step" click the site link.



A film based on the book into a fantasy based for the child's imagination, Bastian Bux an imaginative kid with a passion for reading. In a typical fashion the boy "book nerd" is bullied and picked on. One day when running from his bullies he runs into bookstore and finds a book he questions the bookstore owner about. He tells him it's not a safe book which perks the interest of young Bastion and he steals the book running out of the store. The story owner seems delighted somehow by this. When at school he decides to hide out in the attic and begin reading The NeverEnding Story. Soon the story unravels as a fantasy world that actually involves the boy and the fate of Fantasia.

It has great rewatchability for any age, it's still fun and a great story. Although the author of the book was unhappy with the film and refused to have his name on the forefront of the credits, only to be seen at the end of the movie it doesn't change how children everywhere will not forget it as one of the best kid friendly fantasy films of the time. It had a dark nature but featured much heroics and morality that would get most young minds  behind the good guy. If you're unsure about parallels between the book and the movie, by all means read it as the movie actually ended around the middle of the book.


On May 27th, 1996 a wrestler known in the WWF as Razor Ramon aka Scott Hall comes out over the guard rail interrupting a match on WCW Nitro and cuts the legendary promo that started it all to the WCW audience saying  "You all know who I am, but you don’t know why I’m here.".  After the initial invasion it was soon joined by former WWF wrestler known as Diesel aka Kevin Nash and they would first be known as “The Outsiders". The building faction would only be known as the nWo when coined by Hulk Hogan during the Bash at the Beach 1996 pay-per-view when Hogan came out as the 3rd man for The Outsiders in a 6-man tag team match. The nWo would go on to be professional wrestling’s biggest and most well known stable lasting in the WCW until it’s close in 2001 and having a minor run in the WWF.


Hosted by legendary game show host, Marc Summers, What Would You Do was a show for the audience. They were allowed to participate, usually in family situations. Some of the stints would include dancing, gross outs, acting, going out into Orlando Studios to attempt a goal with visitors. At times if participants failed they would be subjected to one of the numerous pie based slop machines (contraptions evolved with the show). Some of them included a "Pie Pod", "Pie Wash" and "Pie Coaster". Winners would sometimes get an item from "The Wall of Stuff". Although they're a winner, sometimes the recipient would only get a seltzer squirt in the face or a pie in the eye. Other times they would win t-shirts, watches, water bottles and other miscellaneous items. The show was fast paced and ended with audience members putting a card on their head and they'd have to agree to the task on the card and do it, or go through one of the pie based contraptions. The show lasted 2 seasons and 90 episodes and was a great memory for those who seen it. Visit the site link to see an episode where Marc goes down the "Pie Slide".


Welcome Freshmen was originally a comedy skit show which lasted in this format in it's first two seasons and turned into a typical high school sitcom in the last season. While the comedy skits barely followed a story there were common themes involving the Principal, Mr. Lippman, and regular skits by students of the school. This is classic Nickelodeon comedy so it's not anything more or less than kid friendly but still a good show and worth the watch and completely kid friendly.


The Last Half of Darkness was released in 1991 as a point and click adventure. The story although rather generic, goes like so. You inherited a mansion from your Aunt who used potions and spells to help people. You must carry on her work in order to receive the inheritance. The real good part of this game is it's creepy manner in which things happen and the eerie graphics. You explore the innards of the mansion as well as go outside, and obtain items as you go. If you go the wrong way at times you can encounter something that'll kill you. The game is basically a puzzle of events and if you follow the clues, get the right information and inventory you can get to the end. This game challenged me greatly as a kid and can be quite confusing and tedious as you'll be visiting death often. Luckily, you can save, for without such, you'd be pretty upset, REMEMBER TO SAVE. This is a good adventure comparable only to it's point and click adventure style of Maniac Mansion released years earlier, I can't say it's as fun as Maniac Mansion, but it is fun and was an independent game developer release. If you never played Maniac Mansion before, definitely do. If you're a prior fan of Maniac Mansion and never played this, it might be up your alley for a fun and creepy point and clicker. Preferably play with a mouse, as the keyboard icon can be frustratingly slow. You can download the game on this website if you like and play it in DOSBox.

Download Last Half of Darkness


Inside Out Boy was a Nickelodeon short that produced five episodes and aired between commercials. The story was that he was playing with his Yo-Yo then went on a swing and swung too high and became.. INSIDE OUT BOY. While he had no conventional super-powers he did have the power to gross out adults which made him a super-hero to children. Click the site link to see the series videos.


Scorched Earth is a turn based tank trajectory/strategy game. You can fight against up to 9 friends, or the computer AI. The computer AI basically goes from dumb to brilliant as far as their skill at shooting you. You can pretty much select as many rounds as you could humanly digest from this game. There is a large array of defense items and weaponry, even gas to move your tank. I'd personally name the parachutes, shields, and auto defense system as your essentials for defending yourself in this game. Common missiles are nice weapons as you don't wanna rely on heavy bombs all the time because you'll likely run into a problem with them hitting you as well. Heavy Rollers are also great. For good fun I'd recommend rubber or spring walls, large arms and economics on greedy. Winner has the most money, not the most kills or the most rounds won. So it's essential if you're looking for a win based on player statistic that you are not spending your whole bank every round. Enable "Computer Buy" for AI to participate in purchasing arms and defense. It'll make the rounds longer but more fun as they can at times purchase some of the dumbest weapons that end up wiping the screen out completely.


Download Scorched Earth (Shareware)


Nickelodeon Robot Wars was a short run TV show that involved homemade remote controlled robots going to head to head in a little arena. Competitors were actually flown to England in Shepperton Studios. More popular in UK the original show was called Robot Wars which Nickelodeon worked with to produce the show. Dave Aiser hosted the show with help from Vivianne Collins.

However, there were some modifications to the original UK based show. Such as toned down robot names, violence, language and traps. They wanted it kid friendly and fun, and it definitely achieved that for what it was.

With only 6 shows in the run those who seen it likely thought it was pretty cool and went on to watch shows in USA like BattleBots, which is a competition organized by some American competitors that were previously playing in the UK.


Linus Torvalds released Linux as a free operating system on October 5th, 1991. If you were young when this was going on it was pretty exciting. When I was young Linux was all the buzz in 1992 among my programming friends and we soon found ourselves jumping the Microsoft ship and into the Linux boat. While Linux was originally intended for x86 computers it was soon ported numerous hardware platforms and current remains the most ported of all operating systems. While early pioneer distributions popped up distributions like Debian, Slackware and RedHat were strong in the early-mid 90s among the users of the system. These days distributions like Ubuntu and Linux Mint offer a lot more of an instant setup and don't necessarily require much post-installation procedures to get things where you want them. Previously you'd have to do a fair bit of work if you wanted your Linux system to be where you wanted it. Thanks to the open source community the support is far and wide and quite accessible and Linux is a contender as a mainstream operating system.


If you experienced pogs as a child, you know these things were like currency in schools. They were a fad that arrived as fast as it seemed to go. It was a game that was rather simply constructed. Place pogs on any surface, face down in stack, slam your slammer on them, pogs go flying, the pogs that go face up, are yours. Remaining down facing pogs are restacked, reslammed for the next player. The nature of the game concerned schools as they deemed it a form of gambling and a major distraction to students. The fad was soon stamped out when schools enacted a ban on them. With the lack of recess game play, school popularity, and ability to obtain other pogs at school it vanished from children's minds and they moved on to something else.


This odd Tetris commercial popped up around 1990.. tetris.. tetris.. tetris.. featured Russian bears... yeah, that's right. Make sure you're on our site to check out the video. :)



Sidekicks starred Jonathan Brandis (Barry) and Chuck Norris (Himself) on a daydreaming adventure about a kid with asthma who dreams of being the sidekick of Chuck Norris. Unfortunately he would dip off into daydreams during his classes and make a scene that would cause him to get ridiculed by bullying students. Friend played by Danica McKeller (Lauren) would often pity him. After a situation involving a bad asthma attack he is introduced to his teacher's uncle "Mr. Lee" (Mako). In typical karate kid movie style a tournament ensues and he is pit against his bully in school. However, the bully and his bad attitude martial arts teacher (Joe Piscopo) seems to avoid full contact and goes with a brick breaking challenge. The movie is quirky as it has over the top situations involving Chuck in his daydreams and even involves Chuck joining in team in real life for the martial arts tournament.  It's a funny movie if you enjoy corny situations and resolutions. Anyone could enjoy it, especially kids. 


This commercial had a strange way of promoting a rather easy game to explain with a strange almost crazy man. I really don't have much to say about this one except if you haven't seen it.. you should.


In 1988 Nickelodeon started its annual Kid's Choice Awards. The recipient of the rewards was voted on by kids. The first Kid's Choice Awards was hosted by Debbie Gibson, Tony Danza, Brian Robbins and Dan Schneider.  Also featured a musical acts from Debbie live during the show. 

Categories for the awards were Favorite Movie, Actor, Actress and Cartoon, Song.




Below is the full show for the 1988 Kid's Choice Awards, be sure you're at our site to view it. :)


Legends of the Hidden Temple was a Nickelodeon game show for kids, it was put off air in 1995 but was in reruns for years on Nick GAS. Basically six teams go through a trial involving the moat and use something to cross it, be it a raft, rope or something to balance on. The first four winners of the moat event go on to the story and quiz portion of the game at the temple's steps of knowledge. The teammates must work together to hit the buzzer in the floor symbolically labeled on the floor. Sometimes kids wouldn't stop properly and lose out. However prior to the quiz the kids had to pay attention to a story told by an Olmec Head who knows all the lore of the temple. Once two kids may it to the bottom of the steps of knowledge they go on to the challenge rounds. The challenge rounds have various tests of agility, strength and speed for the kids to endure and winners are awarded half pendents called "The Pendent of Life" for the first 2 rounds and a whole pendent the final round.


After a winner of the Temple Games is determined they tackle the Temple Run which allows them to run through the legendary temple obstacle course. Inside they had to try to retrieve an item in which the story was based on. On the way they could obtain an additional half Pendent of Life, or encounter the Temple Guards. When encountering a Temple Guard you had to give up your Pendent of Life, if you had any. If you were no longer in possession of full pendents, your other teammate goes on from the beginning or and if already caught by Temple Guards, you lose. Make it through the temple before time expires, you win the prize and the game.



Here are some full episodes to enjoy, click main article on the site for video. :)

Surf Ninjas features Ernies Reyes Jr of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II fame in another martial arts/ninja related film. This one, about 2 surfer boys who discover they are crowned princes of the island of Patusan.

The movie prominently featured the first color handheld console Sega Game Gear. Soon the system would feature an actual Surf Ninjas game. The boys arrive to Patusan to fulfill their destinies and attempt to overthrow the dictator evil Colonel Chi hilariously played by Leslie Nielsen.

The movie features a lot of slapstick ninjitsu that you'd expect from this child ninja movie genre and is still pretty fun to watch. It showcases the skills of both Ernie Reyes Sr. (as Zatch) and Ernie Reyes Jr's (Johnny) skills in martial arts and the comedy relief by Nicolas Cowan (as Adam) and includes Rob Schnider and Tone Loc as well. 


Promotional video that came from local Child World/Children's Palace toy store chains in a box that included a bag of Krunchers potato chips. The video featured a mild plot involving mostly all children who were running a video production studio. It also included a curly haired rapping man named "Robo-T". Basically the video was a giant commercial with live skits in between as a fun bit until the next commercial. The cast included Lacey Chabert.

Below is the full VHS tape





Robotix came to Christmas trees everywhere in 1984 and became an immediately popular toy for children with creative interests. There were numerous sets that included 2-4 motors and Argus, the 4 motor model was most popular as he had a robot dinosaur look. The sets were interchangeable and you could build anything in your imagination with 5 motor toggles per control panel (1 per set). The Argus set had a giant base where you could build a lot off of such as wheeled mechanisms (2 motors to move it), and a full base for constructions built on top o fit using the remaining 2 motors or additional motors from other sets. It was one of the most creative toys of the 1980s and could still bring joy to any child today.

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