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DOS: Hugo's House of Horrors

Posted By: Krysti on Jul 06, 2013

Released for DOS, Hugo has got himself in a lot of adventures but in 1990 he began his first one titled "Hugo's House of Horrors". Similar to adventure games the construct offered the complexity of type to interact functionality, where as games like Maniac Mansion had a click to interact functionality. The problem with this was that if you didn't understand what an object was, you weren't gonna guess what it could be properly. Luckily there were some examination procedures that could get you by some areas. i.e. the "penknife". The game is not really long as Sierra titles like Kings Quest VI but it's quite fun and has your basic "save the girl" story that if done correctly lands you a full set of points (I think 255), and the final scene. 

If you plan to beat this game, the question I ask is.. have you read books? If not, you might need to Google, a utility we didn't have when it debuted. Good luck, as this is a great recommendation to anyone who is looking to experience a quick adventure in the DOS game realm.


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