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Sidekicks - 1992

Posted By: Krysti on Jul 09, 2013

Sidekicks starred Jonathan Brandis (Barry) and Chuck Norris (Himself) on a daydreaming adventure about a kid with asthma who dreams of being the sidekick of Chuck Norris. Unfortunately he would dip off into daydreams during his classes and make a scene that would cause him to get ridiculed by bullying students. Friend played by Danica McKeller (Lauren) would often pity him. After a situation involving a bad asthma attack he is introduced to his teacher's uncle "Mr. Lee" (Mako). In typical karate kid movie style a tournament ensues and he is pit against his bully in school. However, the bully and his bad attitude martial arts teacher (Joe Piscopo) seems to avoid full contact and goes with a brick breaking challenge. The movie is quirky as it has over the top situations involving Chuck in his daydreams and even involves Chuck joining in team in real life for the martial arts tournament.  It's a funny movie if you enjoy corny situations and resolutions. Anyone could enjoy it, especially kids. 


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