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The Last Half of Darkness - DOS - 1991

Posted By: Krysti on Jul 11, 2013

The Last Half of Darkness was released in 1991 as a point and click adventure. The story although rather generic, goes like so. You inherited a mansion from your Aunt who used potions and spells to help people. You must carry on her work in order to receive the inheritance. The real good part of this game is it's creepy manner in which things happen and the eerie graphics. You explore the innards of the mansion as well as go outside, and obtain items as you go. If you go the wrong way at times you can encounter something that'll kill you. The game is basically a puzzle of events and if you follow the clues, get the right information and inventory you can get to the end. This game challenged me greatly as a kid and can be quite confusing and tedious as you'll be visiting death often. Luckily, you can save, for without such, you'd be pretty upset, REMEMBER TO SAVE. This is a good adventure comparable only to it's point and click adventure style of Maniac Mansion released years earlier, I can't say it's as fun as Maniac Mansion, but it is fun and was an independent game developer release. If you never played Maniac Mansion before, definitely do. If you're a prior fan of Maniac Mansion and never played this, it might be up your alley for a fun and creepy point and clicker. Preferably play with a mouse, as the keyboard icon can be frustratingly slow. You can download the game on this website if you like and play it in DOSBox.

Download Last Half of Darkness


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