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Master of Orion - 1993

Posted By: Krysti on Jul 20, 2013

A turn-based strategy game where you are a leader of a race of your choosing. There is a variety to pick from and you build planets, ships and technology. The game features race relationships, war and the winner essentially takes over the universe. Planets have a certain quality that make them attractive to own or not so much as they're not rich with resources. However, one planet appropriately named Orion has the best default resources in the game and is guarded by a powerful ship that you must earn your way to beat or he'll instantly kill your fleet.

Races have attributes that allow for certain resource based proportions or disproportions such as fast food production, fast technology, etc while they will also counter with poor food production or slow science productivity. A lot of these problems can be some what remedied by building certain things that will allow automatic production and enhancements to how your planets produce things. However, a lot of these benefits come later in the game and can take some time to obtain.

Race relationships are important, as you'll almost always be up against a combat hungry race and you'll want to play friendly with them until you have what you need built up. In the end all relationships are off and you take over the universe or die. The one to destroy the other races wins. There are many variables of winning or losing and as you go you'll uncover obstacles and events that may favor or hinder your worlds.


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