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Maniac Mansion II - Day of the Tentacle - 1993

Posted By: Krysti on Jul 28, 2013

Day of the Tentacle was the sequel release of Maniac Mansion by LucusArts. The game featured previous characters from the original computer or NES version game such as Bernard, Dr. Fred Edison and son Ed and of course the Tentacles. The game featured brilliant cartoony graphics and a voice engine. This was the first time LucusArts featured this in a game and it worked out rather well and was only available on the CD based medium of the game. With Bernard's new team members Hoagie and Laverne they travel through time using what is basically a portable toilet called a "Chron-o-John". They meet historical figures from the Edison family's past including Thomas Edison. An interesting easter egg, if you could call it that is the entire full version of the original Maniac Mansion is found IN the game. Now, while you could search for it to play it, the full game is actually loadable directly on the game medium itself. Another gem of a game that could be revisited any year it still proves Maniac Mansion's solid game play in the point-and-click adventure game genre cementing itself as a strong title to fans of adventure games to this day.


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