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Posted By: Krysti on Aug 12, 2013

MINERVGA developed for DOS (not sure if other platforms had it) in 1989 by Harrell W. Stiles. A simple game which aims to get the girl, strangely enough by mining metals like gold, silver, platinum. You start off by stocking up on some basic materials to effectively mine as well as a charge for more depth down the mine shaft. After you head down the mine you will need to have certain tools to get through certain metals like granite (TNT), a bucket to avoid flooding (YOU WILL GET FLOODED), and enough health to survive the mine caving in on you. The game is super fun despite the mediocre goal of the game which is to acquire $20,000 and a diamond ring your character's romantic interest. Offers plenty of challenge and no doubt you'll have hours of fun mining away down the mine shaft. However, as a beginners tip, do make sure you have a bucket to avoid flooding, because if you get flooded at the elevator entrance without them the game is over because you are trapped. :)



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