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Camp Nowhere - 1994

Posted By: Krysti on Aug 25, 2013

Camp Nowhere is a film starring Christopher Lloyd about a group of kids who's parents are putting them into summer camps that they'd rather not go to and hash up a scheme to have a little bit more fun over the summer. The main character "Mud" played by Johnathan Jackson and his school pals decide to use the money intended for summer camp to make their own summer camp. However, it's not simply that easy. They blackmail eccentric former drama teacher Dennis Van Welker (Lloyd) to take part in the needed adult role of convincing parents about each summer camp the parents wanted to send their kids to. He uses his drama skills to dress up and adapt the role of all the needed summer camp organizers to get the money (in cash seemingly) from the parents and rent a lakeside campground to have their counselor free, adult free camp while he relaxes and let's the kids run amok. When the parents want to visit for parents day silliness ensues and they must run the scam of the summer to keep their story convincing. In the lesser entertaining subplot, Dennis is trying to avert collector T.R. Polk which eventually solves itself with the help of "Mud". Also Dennis finds a romantic interest in the local nurse after "Mud" burns himself after a misuse of fireworks.


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