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Halloween Harry aka Alien Carnage - DOS - 1993

Posted By: Krysti on Oct 30, 2013

Originally named Halloween Harry, Alien Carnage was developed in 1993 by Interactive Binary Illusions and SubZero Software, distributed by Apogee a company known for numerous excellent DOS games. The story begins with aliens trying to take over the world by turning the human population into zombies. However, Agent Halloween Harry has a chance to save them armed with (by default) a flamethrower.

Harry must blast his way through Aliens, Gremlins, Zombies and other enemies and reach the alien ship by collecting numerous weapons such as a proton cannon, guided missiles, grenades, shields, micro nukes, and the omega bomb. You earn these weapons from money you get from killing the enemy. Weapons are dispensed from vending machines that have indicators of the weapon refill they offer.

Harry can also fly with the power of his flamethrower, this means one thing: that like the flamethrower, flying power must be bought through the appropriate flamethrower vending machines for cheap since it's your default weapon and sometimes most needed resource, especially for flying. DON'T get caught with an empty fuel tank! It could be your butt if you're trapped somewhere that requires flying out, so fill it where you can.

Halloween Harry must save all the humans to proceed and gameplay screen offers an indicator of how many are left as well as a radar. Save them all and proceed to the next level, and one step closer to spoiling the alien's plans for world domination. The game offers lots of great color, sprites and gameplay, a top notch release by Apogee and has aged incredibly well for the platformer lover in anybody. It is both challenging and fun, has a lot of twists and turns through out the level and as long as you keep steady on finding the captives you won't be too lost with help of the radar. I highly recommend this game for anyone who is a fan of zombies, aliens, platformers or a good ole fashion challenge in the DOS world with games.

This game was released as freeware and you can download it HERE on NostalgiaFreaks.Com


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