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Toys That Still Rule

oy Reviews Where A Kid Can Be A Kid Let's talk toys eh? Some people might say that it's childish to own toys or you're some lame virgin but let's be honest, those people are assholes. Owning things you enjoy is cool. Why would you revolve your life around people who don't approve of something as cool as TOYS? Something to think of. Since the dawn of toys they've always been cool to the various generations that grew up with them but people who grew up in the 70s, 80's and 90's really have a solid *scene* these days when it comes to collecting. We seem hardwired to collect the lost things but it can be a maze of wild visuals if you are just starting to "get the itch". In this series we'll try to cover more than just TMNT and Masters of the Universe toys (Hopefully you get my point here). There is much more cool things to know, but hey, I won't be shy about some cool TMNT stuff too. Be cool and collect toys. We don't need these perfectly good items in landfills! People have boring homes, don't be one of these people. You have your whole life to be old, don't treat it like a race.

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Retrocomputing Is K-Rad To The Max

Awesome Computer Stuff Old Computers are probably one of the more intriguing topics whether you're aware or not because if not, well I'm here to tell you that they are STILL useful. Believe it or not fun isn't defined by 3D graphics, framerates, 4K resolution and graphics cards running on nitroglycerin liquid coolers. Retro computers were made to rock. You didn't have the DLC era, or the day 1 patches taking gigabyte upon gigabyte of your time through their lagged and overloaded network but instead you had a reliable machine and lots of full games right at purchase at the tip of your fingers and you got to keep it forever. No issues of corporations taking away aspects (netplay) of the game after you bought it or cloud based apps that run like garbage. These things did much more than just gaming and the scene was expansive. In this series we'll discuss some of those things and cover specifics you can dive into for a total journey to the past including software and online services.

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Retro Games Are Totally Awesome

Video Game Reviews I know the topic of retro gaming has been beaten to death but I promise you a different perspective. Go with me as we journey into everywhere from the Mushroom Kingdom to the Land of the Green Isles and beyond. Enjoy a take from somebody who experienced every great generation of retro gaming and can rule the ass of some games with precision. Take it from a person whose reached over 10,000,000 points on Jaws, knocked out Mike Tyson three times in a row and can speed run rather well for a person who doesn't dedicate to single games to achieve world records. I'm well rounded and not your typical gamer.

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Technology That's Wicked Cool

Old Technology This series will be the "not computers and games" topic but still fits into some sort of technology that blew the minds and ears off consumers at the time. Rewind your mixtape and escape the world of smartphones and bluetooth headsets and check out some specifics about things that are still wicked cool in the world of devices and electronic doohickeys.

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Old & Out Of Print Media Is ACE

Old & Out Of Print Medi It's actually amazing the volume at which people speak about how old media being obsolete thus, useless. The world of out of print media is vast and the mediums are also quite interesting each owning their own style and charm. In this series we'll uncover some of the odd, the weird, the uncommon and the rare media that seems to go by people's minds as they subscribe to terrible services like Netflix that gives you zero control over the flow of content as they lose rights here, push their garbage original programming there and media dictators like Viacom delete from the presence of the Internet altogether in a mad attempt to keep people's minds on present day media garbage. There are so many things left uncovered, only loved by collectors or scoffed at because of the nature of collecting community's elitist behaviour. There is a LOT of fun media out there and even some abhorred by Internet personalities for the sake of taking advantage of your cloudy childhood memories.

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