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This site actually has a little bit of it's own history already. I registered this site in mid 2013 and had a multitude of coding projects in my way that eventually I just decided to leave the content it had gathered "as is". Even in our idle state the site managed to maintain a modest amount of hits from people who found random articles that I had written myself but as stated time just became so thin that as I continued to write the articles became more rushed and brief and gone. NostalgiaFreaks.Com may contain entries that are a bit tougue and cheek and hyperbolistic but it should be obvious by the style of writing. We'll try not to enter into the realm of "TL;DR" but the writing will include memories as well as description of each topic covered. This website isn't meant to be a technical specification location or a historian's perspective but more about memories, experiences and visuals. There are many sites with plenty of technical specifications, numerous historians and I'd be redundant at this point and after all, we're called Nostalgia Freaks for a reason. I experienced this stuff, I didn't just hop on Wikipedia or a Youtuber to source my info. Many articles are written straight from my head and not researched so if I make a mistake in a spec, oops. My bad. The computer series I did do some checks on model numbers I'd forgotten but that's about it, I'll likely need to look up a few names in the gaming series but again, this site's main focus is not technical specifications and history. If you'd like to submit a correction contact me at

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This is the SUPREME LEADER of NostalgiaFreaks.Com. I'm an engineer, so my house is a mess of things I love and wires. I've come to be part of the collective energy of people who deal in collecting (at times too much) items from their childhood and things you wanted, but your parents never got for you as a commercial salivating child who watched your own friends get everything. Luckily my friends weren't jerks and shared a lot with me. I did however get to have some neat things through second hand exchanges. As young as six years old I'd receive items from parents who had older kids who no longer used any of their own childhood stuff and was just rotting in a dustbin in the attic. I remember my cousin came over for his birthday or Christmas I forget which, I was 6 or 7 years old. My Mother made me give him my guitar as a gift out of guilt of not buying one. I actually used it, played it, knew some CCR songs and other basic rock songs and when that was given away I wouldn't ever play guitar again until I could afford my own.. about 9 years later... insert bitterness. I might be old but when I jumped into MMPR I was pretty intriged, I love robot/monster pro wrestling, akin to Godzilla of my own time so I do a pretty good job for being "too old" for enjoying certain things.

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Majin Tween

This is our writer that'll be covering most 2000's things. It's not the site's primary focus but it was always aimed at "Everything 10 years ago and beyond" and since there is a generational gap this is where that "2000's..ish gap" can be filled. Articles may be few but I'm sure some will appear from this writer and maybe we can hear about some interesting stuff.

Before It Becomes A Frequently Asked Question

Q: What's with the website design?
A: It's inspired by the MOS Technology VIC-II (Video Interface Chip II) color setting when booting, it's found in the Commodore 64 and 128. You will notice an animated load command on the main page with the Retrocomputing topic.
Q: Are you hipsters?
A: No. I've been into these things my entire life with each progressive discovery in growing up from toys, to games, to music, to computers and media.
Q: Are you the same Supreme Leader from NegativityCulture.Com?
A: Yup. Welcome to the softer side of Sears.
Q: Are you hiring?
A: No, but you may submit writing for review by the Supreme Leader at
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