The Hidden Secrets Of Jaws On The NES

Written By: Supreme Leader
Date: August 22, 2019

Jaws For NES Box Art You've heard of Jaws, "by LJN" but really Michishito Ishizuka but people have fun teeing off on LJN because of AVGN's character "The Nerd". I know you have heard of Jaws for NES because of this, especially if you didn't grow up with this console. You've heard nothing that great about it. You've heard people read off the first paragraph of Wikipedia. I'm here to write something different because that's what we're doing here. This fuckin game... is really fun. I said it, contradictory to many's thoughts as they there is a sect of people who believe James (AVGN) hates all the games he's "reviews" rather than taking it as an entertainment product with a scripted character, perhaps played it themselves, wrote it off, or said "hey, I can beat this in 10 minutes.. what game of value can be beaten in 10 minutes?" There are alternative challenges to be had. First off, congrats on beating it in 10 minutes. Try 5 minutes, the world record is 4 minutes and 4 seconds and a broken index finger from hitting reset so much.. haha. Even "easy games" come with a challenge but this one is boxed with a certain mystery most people don't know.

Shown here, is actually my own gameplay of rolling the score counter.. ah ha.. a new challenge you didn't know about. You'd have to be insane or follow one of two gamers accomplishments and I, so happen to be one of the two people who were insane enough to roll the counter on this game, the other is legendary yet infamous NES marathon player (among other accomplishments) Rudy J. Ferreti. The unforeseen journey was only ahead though. First off, as you approach your 14-16 hour journey to roll the score counter the game starts dropping 1UP's for every item you pick up. It'll ring that sound over and over.. and over.. this game knows it has a max of 9 lives but it's like "lol" in your mouth anyways. As you accomplish this marathon goal something ELSE happens as you continue into the rollover.. no more submarine... oh, and no more 1UPs. The game gets very aggressive with it's behaviour and you ultimately die as you hotdog your way between pure jellyfish levels, pure baby shark levels and a variety of them all with the stingray. It gets hard to maintain focus in this game, especially when you're doing good.

Jaws The Revenge I don't advocate for emulator play really unless you REALLY need to practice a certain point in a game for a specific accomplishment on the actual cartridge, but this game has the exception of completely changing after earning your way to a 10,000,000 score and at LEAST 14 hours of battling it out and letting Jaws get away with his bullshit on the poor folks of Amity Island. If I wanted to play this part again I'll have to strap down and do the hours. It would've been nice to be able to snap into that "advanced Jaws" part on a whim when you want to play again and try your hand at surpassing even higher without the sheer fatigue this accomplishment will give your tired ass hands but I was hit with this on my attempt in doing so. Oh yeah, this game is based on Jaws: The Revenge. The shitty movie. I'd rather play past 10,000,000 again anyday than tune into a Jaws sans Roy Scheider. Play Jaws on the NES, reconnect with it and try out at least 5 minute ass kickage. Get some friends together and controller pass this game until you all spin the counter and get totally beaten up with no way to win. Challenge is good for you. I promise. This accomplishment is like when Thor Aackerlund got to level 30 on Tetris and everybody called his accomplishment bullshit because he didn't film it then he decided to try again and totally collapsed everybody's logic and we're talking world class players who didn't believe it was possible and bam, he did it (ft. in "The Ecstacy of Order" Documentary). Now the other "Tetris Masters" have started to achieve level 30 and even.. 31 (The level turns from 00 to 0A) by an amazing player named Joseph Saelee. Crazy. Challenges are out there that are seemingly impossible and you can be part of that.

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