The Pressing Journey of Ryu - Ninja Gaiden

Written By: Supreme Leader
Date: August 24, 2019 Ryu Dialog With Malth

Ninja Gaiden Level 3-2 Ninja Gaiden is often deemed one of those games that's "Nintendo Hard" and it is but it's mostly in that people often don't know how to play it very well. The mechanics of this game is super important to understand if you want to slice and dice your way through some of the portions that most people have the most difficulty on. One of the first things to get acquainted with is the fact that this game respawns enemies if you hit the trigger points in which they spawn in the first place. You don't want to have to kill enemies multiple times in the same locations. Do not put yourself in this position. Kill 'Em All and move on, do not wait. I can't stress this enough but I'll explain in the bit. As a kid this game was HARD. We had NO help on the Internet (What Internet?) and figuring out the techniques was a long and tireless battle. It's amazing to me that my friend and I even beat this thing after hours of playing it all day, but we did beat it in a day so it can't be that hard for an adult but you have to have the right kind of patience and we clearly did.

Ninja Gaiden Level 4-3 This game's challenge actually doesn't even come into play with the first 5 stages once you got the hang of it. Getting the hang of it is key though as this game is literally all about pressing forward. Much like the title of this article, I meant literally. Hold down the forward button almost at all times. You'll avoid the respawn which plagues people's progress and gets them stuck in certain areas in levels where waiting to thinking what to do next is really the problem. It's not as simple as just remembering all the level but it does help to know when to stop pressing forward and wait a *second* before jumping. Ultimately these pauses are only in a few areas where being hasty will have you jump into an enemy and bounce into a pit. Knowing these locations is key so you must remember them.. or else. I can plow the first 5 stages in minutes, I'll likely update this article with video of those ninja techniques but I gotta brush up since it's been some years since trying to assassinate everybody in my way with this title.

Ninja Gaiden Level 6-2 Once you get to stage 6 all your senses you built up will indeed betray you but do not forget that there is still much of this stage's progress that'll rely on you not getting caught in respawn hell so bravely press forward in your journey, especially in 6-1. It's absolutely important to reach these stages with as much spirit points as you can get and even avoiding less favourable ninja items. Know that the giant windmill star and fire throwing items is a GREAT weapon against bosses especially since you effectively slash and kill almost everybody else in this game with a single hit. The fire wheel can be tempting but fuck that thing. It's useful to avoid technique when jumping into dangerous areas but if you have your technique down you do not need it and you do not want to have the wrong weapon after you get to the final bosses. Again, this is up to you since the majority of the bosses aren't too rough, even the end game bosses are a bit of a pushover once the technique is perfected but you have to GET THERE. Make sure the last thing you have is at LEAST a the windmill star or flame throwing. Having some reserve projectiles is helpful for nailing the final stage's last screen prior to the final bosses but don't waste them, you wanna destroy the final bosses not just kill them with furious button mashing.. right? I know I do. There are varieties of resources online these days, you won't have to struggle like I did as a kid to become a Ninja Gaiden slicin' mofo. It's not as easy as just looking things up you gotta be a nimble ninja on the controller too so practice and dare to die. Use a ROM save state of certain areas if you really wanna get mastered on those bitchy locations. It's nearly impossible to master this game without that intricate level of precision. I've yet to do that myself, but I certainly don't blame you if you did. I have the patience to die a lot and start from the beginning of a level.

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