Video Toy Chest

Video Toy Chest

Written By: Supreme Leader
Date: August 21, 2019

This is a Northeastern regional VHS tape that was given out for free at local Child World and Children's Palace locations, later to be known as "killed by Toys 'R' Us" during the TRU invasion of local toy stores. The only survivor in my area was KB Toys and it's likely because they were at the mall where Toys 'R' Us wouldn't go because they can't hatch their massive selection and advertising plans. Don't get me wrong, I liked Toys 'R' Us when it opened but it took me awhile to realize what TRU did to Child World and it left me a little bitter and also apathetic when Amazon eventually tossed them into the trashcan recently.

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Child World / Children's Palace - Video Toy Chest (Entire Video)

Kruncher's Potato Chips It's worth noting what exactly this was: It was a giant advertisement. I arrived at Child World one day and on a table were these Happy Meal style pails directly in the castle style entryway when you got inside and to be honest, I was hungry. They were offering a free VHS tape and Kruncher's potato chips so I grabbed it and entered the store not thinking much of it. I ate the chips on the way home and thought, damn, these chips are making me thirsty.. no just kidding, but they were legit the best chip I'd had so far in my life. I probably washed them down with a canned Strawberry soda from Market Basket when I got home, btw, makers of the BEST generic soda.

Video Toy Chest Studios I don't even remember if I watched the VHS tape right away but it came wrapped in plastic with no box, so if you find one.. it had no box and the loose tape will have to do. Just put it into a plastic VHS case, you can buy them at any secondhand store by just reusing one from a cutbox movie. At any rate, when I did put in the tape into the VCR I was very happy because I was instantly greeted with this thing I've always liked which is kids being the adults. You see all the kids in studio like they're running the production. It's got a variety of commerials that they are "broadcasting" via studio and is littered with skits by the almost all child casted production.

Video Toy Chest Robo-T The exception to this video being all child casted (aside from the selected commercials) is one man named Robo-T. He raps, he quizzes, he gets in drag, he tries to tell you that "Back to the Future II & III" for the NES was good, but he's wrong. I actually don't mind the first BTTF on the NES. Not sure what they're trying to tell us with this guy. He's a "Robot"? J.D. Daniels He doesn't seem like the set authority figure, that title goes to J.D., the asshole kid who was on Full House once but you only find out he's an asshole because his Father beats him and Uncle Jesse may or may not have made him to the "quicksand dance" because "they took him out of his home!". He's pretty much an asshole here too. The kid knows asshole like the back of his hand.

Lacey Chabert The only other noteworthy appearance is Lacey Chabert, as a child.. when she was a grating annoying brat. I can deal with her here because the ensemble cast kinda drowns her out. Definitely didn't see her becoming the attractive adult she became such as when she appeared in Mean Girls. I was gonna use the picture of her staring at a giant crayon saying she "wishes she had a big piece of paper" but I decided to be nice and not yell at her openly about the fuckin' crayon being plastic, likely from the "Really Big Things" company... I think that's the name, I even looked it up. It's buried in the sea of crap the Internet has today. I used to see them promoted on Double Dare.. but that's another topic.

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