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Written By: Supreme Leader
Date: August 23, 2019

Casio Handheld TV I suppose you'd ask yourself why I'd put a handheld TV on the list as tech that's wicked cool if analog TV died in America years ago. Well interestingly enough, you can broadcast signals now as long as you touch whitespace and don't abuse the strength of the signal. You can easily even get a TV signal out in your backyard and have a free wireless connection to any video source you can get hooked to an amplifier and antenna then point it in a useful direction you'd want that signal. The method here CAN go into illegal grounds if you decide to daisy chain the signal but it's not gonna be a terribly impressive signal so I'd stick to your backyard where you can maintain a clean signal. I did a brief test and found I could amplify almost 200 yards... which was way too far so I dialed it back a bit (I swear!). You can check what channels are technically being used in your area, and you will want to not mess with those because you really don't want to cause anything important any interference.

Antronix MRA1-15 You likely have one of these hanging around the house, they are cheap online. When you look at it, you'll see basically power, signal in, and signal out. Instead of going out to your home cable line, you go out to the antenna. Magic. Any amplifier will work but these aren't so clunky and you likely won't need the ones with an adjustment knob. 15db+ amplifier isn't gonna hit much range.

DIY Antenna "No more wire hangers!!". No, you'll need some wire hangers or a roll of copper wire. Wire hangers are a good solution, try to get some raw ones without plastic coating, it's just easier to do it this way. Copper is going up in price and can be obtained at any hardware store with some selection. Follow the pattern seen here and be as precise as you can. You can use one of these things (the small antenna in the picture) you might have around the home but obviously spending an hour on this custom antenna will do more.

75 to 300 Ohm UHF/VHF Transformer These little things are a 75 to 300 UHF/VHF transformer. They cost nothing, you might have one laying around in old TV equipment box. This is what you connect to your antenna connection point and then to your amplifier out connection. You can use any UHF multi-channel modulator, such as the Channel Vision CVT-2UB Channel Vision UHF Modulator to a coaxial (cable) output to the other end of this to send the signal. You should be able to confine the signal at this level to not surpass your driveway. Higher numbers like the oh so tempting "Channel 69" might be populated by other things. Companies are making the move to buy and own the ability to use ALL broadcast waves for things like cellphones. Try it while you can. Sit outside, drink a beer, watch a video. Don't broadcast obscene material. It's a fun test, you don't want to broadcast a channel 24/7 and everything amounts to what kinda area you live in. If you have a signal intensive area you might have too many powerful signals interrupting and it might not work or work rather poorly. I was able to use the very same TV in the top image and watch movies outside using a UHF channel tuning. I have a feeling 5G will kill the fun of this article though.

On the inverse of things, put the antenna on the signal in, the cable to the signal out to your TV's coaxial connection. Scan some channels. Maybe you can go back to the days of snagging some TV over the air. Since analog TV is dead, make sure the input is digital. You might get some non-digital channels but don't be shocked if it's just some random religious stuff. This might be the most technical I'll get in an article but it seemed like the memories were also with the process so I decided to dive in and show you rather than tirelessly explain something over some reader's heads.

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