Written By: Supreme Leader
Date: August 21, 2019

So why is this nude looking toy the FIRST article of the return of Nostalgia Freaks? Because it's coooool.. duh. Aside from that, these toys are great to collect. If you go the eBay route you might pay an extra bit but these things can still be found jammed down in estate sales and yard sale boxes, maybe even your own pencil boxes but don't go mistaking them for erasers now! :P

Single M.U.S.C.L.E. Figure What's interesting about these toys is really, what are they? They barely seem like toys but as a kid I loved them to death. They are quite tiny and have absolutely no moving parts. In fact the rubber is quite solid and durable. Unless run over by a Mack semi-truck you're likely to always find these in good condition due to this very durable state they exist in. Some of these guys have sharp edges and I'd put my bets on a M.U.S.C.L.E guy vs. a ninja star (not Michael Dudikoff) any day. You certainly could put these on the "Stepped on a LEGO" scale of pain if they were angled in the correct manner.

Kinnikuman These little guys origins come from Japan. I'm sure to the shock of nobody these are inspired by a Manga "Kinnikuman" (literally "Musclemen"). My Aunt, whose Japanese and visits Japan 3 months of every year brought these strange things to me and they were a treasured item until I reached a certain age where I had that "gotta move on from toys and grow up" stage of life thus cementing a long journey to recollect every tidbit of memories and withheld items as an adult.. sheesh. The designs of the famous toys are absolutely awesome, I mean, you'll find every strange gimmick that actual people couldn't pull off without going somewhere in the boundaries of a pro wrestling squid but they go even stranger than that. Look them up, there is pictures all over Google Images and they have some that come in multiple colours.

80's M.U.S.C.L.E. The appeal as an adult is they are great to pose on a small surface somewhere. Unique in the fact that their features aren't quite obvious from a distance so they're the kind of thing your friends will take a closer look at when they see all these little guys clustered together in a nice space in your home shelving. They have specialty sets too for WWF, Masters of the Universe and more. Totally check them out. Bootlegs exist so buyers beware.

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