Voltron, Defender of the UNIVERSE

Written By: Supreme Leader
Date: August 24, 2019

Voltron Figure Oh haha, who doesn't know Voltron??.. I dunno dude but do you know how bad ass Voltron is? He is DEFENDER OF THE MUTHA FUCKIN UNIVERSE, not Orange Grove, not New York City.. not even this world.. the.. UNI-VER-SE. Voltron is so bad ass that he could feed Optimus Prime his bolt locked ass and give the MegaZord a grave that you'd have to give numerous pieces a distant tomb because the BLAZING SWORD can cut any-damn-thing in literal half. Voltron doesn't need to die for your sins because he is not gonna lose.

Voltron Figure Promo Two articles in a row benefit from my awesome Japanese Aunt who was so happy to give me Japanese sourced toys. I have no idea when America was given the release of the die-cast Voltron toy or if my mine was different from the original American distributed toy is a memory I can't relate to because I only got the one from Japan whose entire body was METAL and if America had it I don't care I loved mine. Voltron is so metal it hurts.. if you step on it. I was also given this evil metal toy assembled much like Voltron but for the life of me I cannot find a source of what it comes from but in my left hand and right hand they BATTLED. Don't collect them all, the car version of Voltron is a bootleg of the REAL Defender of the Universe. MMPR would also betray us similarly... but you know, the MegaZord stayed with Orange Grove cuz they don't wanna upset the real muthafuckin V.

Voltron Cartoon If you need more proof, look at this guy. He is NOT screwing around. He will literally slice you down your skull and down your ass crack better than a Domino's employee can make 8 slices that are a fair grab for your pizza party. We had a cartoon that proved the Voltron dominance. He must've knew he was part of the show cuz occasionally he'd feign loss just to come back like "HAHA FORM BLAZING SWORD BITCH" and that dude was gonna eat it.. and die.. the show was full of evil political positioning but they were too stupid to realize that Voltron would always kick their stupid ass. Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd certainly didn't read the standard operating manual of being destoyed by 5 part robots that assemble into marching death machines... cuz just like Zarkon, Lotor and that nasty witch Haggar, they all fell to the might of Voltron.. Defender of the UNIVERSE.

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